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  Shut Down Computer

Shutting down your computer can be of a great benefit, both saving power and eliminate that irritaing noise when your are trying to go to sleep.

Question:  Some of my friends turn off there computer everyday and some of them leave it on all the time. What is best for my computer?

Answer:  I personally like to turn my computer off when I go to bed. This is just a personal thing I have no real need for it.  However there are two major benefits to shut your computer down when you are not using it.

You have parts in your computer that are spinning from 4800 to 10000 rounds per minute, that creates a lot of noise and having electricity running thru all your computer components produces a lot of heat. Your CPU especially benefits  from taking a break from time to time. Your harddrive does too. You will have a longer life expectancy on your computer components by shutting it down. And you will save a nice chunk of money on your power bill. Using less power also saves on the environment.


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