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  Safe Mode

This section talks about how to get into your operating systems safe mode. Safe mode is mostly used with Windows 2000, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

Question:  I have Windows XP on my Fujitsu laptop and I was told that I need to go to Windows Safe Mode so that I can remove a virus. I just don't know how to get into Safe Mode. Could you tell me how to?

Answer:  To get into the Windows XP or Windows 2000 safe mode, press or tap the F8 key on your keyboard several times until the Windows Advanced Options Menu opens. Your computer may beep several times as you hit the F8 Key, this is normal. Use your arrow keys to move to Safe Mode and press your enter key.

Question:  I have always wondered what safe mode really is, can you explain it to me?

Answer:  Safe mode is a Windows operating system feature. It will load your operating system with fewer drivers (files that is needed to make Windows operate with all your perhiperals, hardware and run better performance wise) and set your graphics card to regular VGA graphics mode. This will unlock the operating system so you can remove infected files that would be impossible to remove in normal Windows operating mode or to change your resolution of your graphics card to a different setting if you accidently increased the resolution beyond what your screen can handle.


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