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  Dot Matrix

Questions and answers Dot Matrix printers.

Question: I own a HP Dot Matrix printer that I have connected to my HP Pavilion a6005y computer. I come across some problems while using the printer with my computer. The printer's self-tests are all right but is not printing jobs from the computer. What will be the better solution for such a problem?

Answer: TIf your HP printer is not working, then you must first check the Dip switch settings. Apart from this you will also have to check for proper device for your application software and for bad or disconnected cable. If the printer has two parallel connections, just try to change cables used for the connection. Connect the printer in the other connection. Dip switch setting should be correct to get a correct printout. Make yourself sure that you have changed the dip switch settings that is essential to make the printer that there is a change in the connection. If the printer works with this, then that was a physical problem. Some dot matrix printer shuts down and recovers very often. This may happen when the printer has problem with its "thermistor". Thermistor is used to guard the printer from overheating. Before replacing the print head, just try to replace the termistor.

For unidirectional or bidirectional printing you can easily set the dip switches of printers. Although the bidirectional printing is faster it may lead to several problems with graphic output. This may happen only for some combinations of applications and printers. If this is the problem in your printer, it is to better reset your dip switches for unidirectional printing. If you expect single-spaced output and actually your output is double-spaced then you may be getting too much of carriage return and line feed. This will happen at the end of every line. Actually it is the dip switches that are controlling the output. You have to reset them to make this correct.

If the quality of your print out is not good, what you have to do is check whether the ribbon has worn out. Also find out the spacing of the print head. For your current paper thickness in your printer, the print head may be too far away. If this doesn't solve the problem in your printer then make the print head tidy with the help of a cotton swab wet with alcohol.

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