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  DVD, CD and Blu-Ray

Questions about optical drives, such as DVD, CD and Blu-Ray.

Q: I have recently bought a Sony Optiarc DVD writer. I have Nero 6 installed on my system. When I am trying to burn DVDs, the burn process stopped at 63%. I waited for quite a while, then I aborted it. Then I put in another blank DVD and tried burning another set of files, this time it stopped at 69%, and remained there for 6 hrs! Hence aborted it again. Why is it not completing? I am writing at 16x speed. Please help!

A: Make sure the media you are writing on is for 16x burners and if you have the option, try different cd's from another package and see if they work better. Also, make sure the data you are burning are not corrupt in anyway, there should be an option in nero to make a cd burn test run w/o actually writing to the media.

First check whether the blank media you're using is being written to at the same speed it's rated, that is, if the blank DVD is only rated at 8x, don't write to it at 16x. Are you using dual-layer media? If so, make sure that your writer can write to dual-layer discs. Pretty basic stuff, but it never hurts to make sure. If it keeps stopping at particular point in time, it may be helpful to check the power saving settings of your PC. If it is set to put the hard drives to sleep at say, 15 minutes, it may interrupt the writing process. Are you copying from another DVD? It may be possible that you're out of disc space and for some reason (?) Nero isn't imaging the original disc properly on the hard drive. Are you copying on the fly? Make sure the source DVD isn't defective in any way (scratches, etc.) Is the original DVD copy-protected? If it is you may have problems copying it. As was suggested before, try another brand of blank media, some writers tend to be choosy with which media they write to. I'm not familiar with Sony's Optiarc drive, is it an external USB one or an internal? If it's external, is the USB slot it's plugged into 2.0? That's all I can think of so far, hope it helps.

Q: DVD explore problem

When I right click on DVD drive and click "explore" or "open" to see the content of the DVD. The window displys all icons on the DVD. the problem is all icons are the same (.html Icon). window should disply different icons (zip, text,setup,DLL etc.) I have tried Restore ,run ad-aware, spybot and avast Boot-time scan. My computer is clean. Can somebody please help ;to get rid of unwanted icons. My OS is Windows XP Home SP2. Thank you.

A: It's possible your icon cache is corrupted. Go to your windows folder, turn on "show hidden files" from the tools, folder options menu item, and find a file named "ShellIconCache". Delete it, then restart windows.

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