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Question sent in by users this week:

Question: I have a Toshiba Satellite A130 ST1313, it came with windows vista but was running really slow. I decided to put Windows XP... Everything is working fine but my sound. The sound application is not working... If you guys help me with this issue i'll apreciate it.

Answer: Your system is using Realtek HD audio drivers. Most Toshiba notebooks do. You can find drivers for your sound card at this link you can also try to download the sound drivers directly from Realtek

Question: I have a Dell Inspiron 6000. The port that the AC Adapter attaches to (in the back of the notebook) is very loose and as a result I have replaced the AC Adapter three times in three years because it blows out. Also, it has gotten so bad there is a short in it (happens with the slightest little shake) and it keeps turning on and off the AC Power to Battery power. When it does that… a error message comes on the screen therefore causing me to constantly have to re-click on the screen to get back to the job at hand.

How can I get the AC adapter port repaired or replaced without sending the computer to Dell?

Answer: I am afraid the easiest and cheapest solution would to send your notebook back to Dell. Or have them arrange to send you a service technician. It should be covered under the warranty. I would not let anyone else do the work as it would probably void the warranty as it sound like you have to change a few electrical parts.

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